Shawn Mayzes

Technical Founder, Entrepreneur, Technology Executive



BulmaStyle is a marketplace for premium quality Bulma themes & templates for your website. Bulma is a free and open source CSS framework based on Flexbox.


Twitter account monitoring @ $1.99 a month


DevOpsChat is a Slack community with over 20,000 DevOps Professionals.


LaraChat is a Slack community with over 30,000 Laravel/PHP Professionals.

Legacy Projects


Tale is a company I founded in 2014. I started Tale with the idea of aggregating social media content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Tale was built with the ability to run AI on the content to determine sentiment, bad words and nudity in the content. This allowed the curator to turn off undesirable content and our tools do this work.

Really Good 404

Really Good 404 was a website that showcased


Laravel 101

All things about Laravel

Location: Wave PHP, San Diego, CA, USA

Date: September 2020, 2018

API Resources in Laravel

Shared details about a new feature in Laravel 5.5 that helps with API development by creating a resource that allows you

to manage and manipulate the data you wish to make visible.

Location: EventBase, Vancouver, BC

Date: October 2017

Stored Procedures in Laravel

Shared details on how to work with Stored Procedures in Laravel. Covered the pros/cons as well as how to programatically hydrate a Laravel model with a Stored Procedure.

Location: Invoke, Vancouver, BC

Date: April 2017

An Animated Introduction to Dependency Injection

Gave a talk with an introduction to dependency injection, with graphical examples.

Location: RED Academy, Vancouver, BC

Date: June 2016